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Step Up Your Style: Mastering Penny Loafers with Ease

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Shoes are our everyday companion as they give your dress the code final look and complete your dress. As there are many types of shoes for different occasions, we cannot help but have some preferences of our own. Some people like to wear sneakers and others would go with something classy as Oxford shoes and there are even people who would rather wear something much lighter like sandals. Among all these types, there is a specific and significant show that has been very trendy for a long period, and that shoe is none other than loafers. 

Although people do not want to change their preferences it is often good to try out something new. Penny loafers being one of those choices, this wardrobe dates back to the mid-90s. It gives the retro and yet modern vibes. In the 1930s, John Bass of G.H Bass decided to add some stylish customization to the normal loafers. What he did, was just add some stylish straps to the basic loafers thus creating a new look, called ‘Weejuns’. It had a design that resembled a set of lips and people back then would dress their loafers by placing small objects like pennies in the strap. This is why the show is called ‘Penny Loafers’. 

Penny Loafers and Its Types

This old classic retro wardrobe just did not have one particular model. These parallels of penny loafers include:

  • Basic loafers– They are made of leather. 
  • Tuxedo loafers– Formal Loafers, suitable for black events and any formal occasion.
  • Italian Loafers– Probably one of the most preferable loafers, with metal straps on their top. These are more treated as a pair of casual shoes. You can wear them at your home or when you are going out for a drive. 

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How to wear a penny loafer? 

You can wear them for both casual and formal occasions, for example:

  • If you think of wearing your penny loafers with your casual wardrobe, that would be no problem. Just find your sleeve button t-shirt and chinos and you are set to go that easily with no sweat, to be honest. 

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  • Now, if you are talking about attending a formal event or office times. All you need to do is find your office shirt and jeans and pair them with penny loafers. Your formal look is ready and you are ready to depart for your office meeting. 

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Penny loafer outfits

So, there are many dressing combos available with your penny loafers for both men and women. These shoes go well with almost everything you can wear, so finding outfits and accessories to pair with your penny loafers is not that much of a problem. But first things first! Let’s discuss suitable outfits according to gender. 

Penny Loafer: Men’s aesthetic

  • If we are talking about penny loafer shoes, they are mostly worn by men due to their comfort. So, if you are out of options as to what to wear with your penny loafer shoes, let us help you: 
  • Short Sleeves and Penny Loafers

These trendy shoes would work well with your short sleeves and short pants. Suppose, you want to go for an outing and there are so many options available at your hand but you can’t pick any! Well, this is the dress code you want for an outing plan. This dressing style is comfortable, lighter and not to mention very much modern. 

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  • Casual T-shirt and Penny Loafers 

This dressing style will fall under your casual wardrobe, yet, they will give you trendy vibes. All you need to make your modern look eye-catching is a t-shirt, a pair of chinos pants, and course the penny loafers. That’s it! You are all set. With these, you can go out for your casual outing even on a casual date. The simplistic yet stylish look will say it all. 

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  • Winter Trend: Bomber Jacket and Penny Loafers

Did you think of any pairs for penny loafers in winter? If you haven’t or if you are not sure, don’t worry we got you covered! We just got the thing you might be looking for. Many outfits are recommended to pair with your penny loafers for winter. But the best-case scenario would probably be to pair them with your bomber jacket and jeans with your favorite penny loafers. This combo is totally in vogue, comfortable, and will keep your body warm in the winter season. Not to mention, this pair is perfect if you are planning to choose an outfit for your date. And don’t forget to wear socks with them for extra cold protection. 

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  • Penny loafers: Formal Looks

Penny Loafer shoes are adaptable with many outfits due to their many varieties of choices. What are the best penny loafer pairs for formal occasions? Let’s get into it! The answer is, this is also simple, due to its adaptive nature you can pick your blazer or suits and jeans or chinos. With these to match up with your penny loafers, you are ready to attend that important meeting at your office or the job interview you are going for. For these occasions, we suggest wearing classic penny loafers as they will enhance your overall formal look. 

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Now that we have finished talking about men’s penny loafer outfits. Let’s talk about women’s penny loafer dress codes as they too find it convenient to wear. 

Penny Loafer Outfit for Women

  • Women also find these shoes comfortable to wear just like men. These shoes also offer a set for women. But the question arises as to how to wear penny loafers for women. And what are the outfits that women can wear with their penny loafers? Let’s get the answer. 
  • The Classic School Vibe

This is a very stylish trend to pair up your penny loafers. Also, you will often notice your favorite girl band in this dress code. The dress code is, to match your penny loafers with your high shocks and skirt paired with a shirt underneath a jacket. This style will give you a classy old-school aesthetic vibe, not to mention the sight will be very captivating. 

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  • The casual choices for your Penny Loafers

A casual and comfortable choice to pair up your penny loafers would be with baggy jeans and a normal t-shirt. This modern and trendy dress code will get you much attention on the road from strangers as this dress code kinda has a model vibe to it. For your casual selection, these might be the perfect choice for you to pair your penny loafers. 

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  • The Formal Wardrobe: A pair of Blazer and Penny Loafers

What can be the formal outfit hack with penny loafers for women? As with most of the formal dresses that are available for women, almost anything can go with your penny loafers. However, a combo of blazer and stirrup leggings will work perfectly with your penny loafers. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get these items. 

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Final thoughts

Penny Loafer shoes are both convenient and trendy with many outfits for both genders. So, do now worry about not being able to find the perfect combo for your dressing style. These shoes are classic and comfortable so everyone should have a pair of them.

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