Men's Fashion in Spain

Men’s Fashion in Spain: Where Style Meets Elegance

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From the perspective of lifestyle and customs, Spanish outfits are very much different from other places, as it has more weather, historical, and cultural influences to go with. Spain tends to show more European elegance in fashion and they do not mind avoiding comfortable wardrobes for conventional standards. 

More accurately, it means that they are more likely to style in classic aesthetics. Spain does have some dressing styles that may often seem the opposite of modern fashion trends. Even then, many people like to wear classic wardrobes and tend to follow a certain dressing pattern. Also, for tourists, it is better if they can bend in with society rather than choosing to wear anything as they normally do. 

Nonetheless, let us discuss some of the Men’s Fashion in Spain:

Men’s Fashion in Spain

There is no doubt that Spain follows a conventional pattern when it comes to outfits, and even as tourists, it is better if you follow these dress codes. But from the sound of it, it seems more of a hazard especially if you are someone who mostly goes with comfort. Another thing that people often miss is that despite its selective options, the place is full of cultural richness and elegance. But let’s start with the basic or casual outfits for men to roam around in Spain.

Spain Men’s Clothing: Casual Fit

Just like any other tradition, Spanish dressing trends aren’t devoid of casual garments as it is just like the other places with different seasons. So, casual clothes are not totally strangers. And when it comes to suggesting these clothes, we have: 

  • Light Clothes or Athletes wear

One cannot go to the streets, dressed up in heavy accessories and garments. In Spain, for casual work or outings, men prefer to wear light clothes such as half sleeve shirts or any regular cotton shirts or you can also wear a full sleeve light shirt. One thing to remember, in Spanish dressing style, fitness is the key. So, whatever you are wearing, make sure you are well fit in your dress, as anything oversized doesn’t go the Spanish way. 

For athletic wear pants, you might want to go with joggers or sweatpants. They are relaxing to wear as they will ease your movements most of the time and will serve comfort most of the time. These pants can also make a great pair with your cotton t-shirts. Just complete your dress with your sneakers and your casual Spanish look is ready. 

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Men’s Clothing for Summer in Spain

Let’s say the citizens or tourists are planning to spend their summer season in Spain. In both cases, how do they pull off such a restrictive dressing style? We want to say that there are a few exceptions for seasonal attire. And for summer in Spain, here are a few wardrobe suggestions you can use:

There is no doubt Spain has some of the hottest cities in Europe, such as Barcelona, Sevilla and Madrid. The temperature there sometimes rises to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

In summer, you will see Spanish people or some tourists wearing light fabric shirts such as shirts made with linen or cotton materials. These shirts keep your body cool and comfortable and will also spare you from Spain’s unbearable heat. And not only that but choosing some light color half-sleeve polo t-shirts will also do your body some relaxation as they can very well reflect the heat and maintain a cool temperature. 

For undergarments or pants, if you prefer, shorts could be one of the best options at hand. You cannot expect to wear those tight jeans this season. Also, there are other choices like knee-length chinos, gym shorts, and even skinny jean shorts. You can pick whatever you like according to your fashion sense. 

And if you are at the beach, don’t forget to bring your swimsuits. Also, you might want to keep them shorter. Make sure that your swimsuits do not reach your knees. An alternative option is if you don’t have a swimsuit, just roll up your old bottoms and they will look just fine at the beach

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Men’s Fashion in Spain: Classic Formals

Men's Fashion in Spain

Now coming back to the conventional part, is it that hard to follow a certain way of dressing while sacrificing your casual comfort? It is not as it seems and often this particular belief is misguided. The formal Spanish menswear is swayed by the British dressing style but more fittingly and colorfully. To name a few of these suggestions, we have: 

  • Navy suits and Blazers

If you are searching for formal Spanish men’s attire, your best option could be navy suits. Whether it be a wedding ceremony or other formal occasions, a suit with the navy color choice will bring the best Spanish look out of you. Another option would be blazers, yes, this is something that every man should have for any formal event.

  • Tight Jeans

An ideal bottom to wear to pair with your blazer or suit, as they define the fitness that is required for Spanish outfits. So, mind that fitness should match your body. And if you are wondering about what would be best for your jeans? We recommend the color blue. 

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Final Suggestion

It is wise to choose your outfits carefully when you are visiting Spain for vacation. As a tourist, you should avoid looking like a mountaineer with your heavy bags and normally worn dresses. Even as a visitor, blending in would be the best-case scenario.

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