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The Wife Pleaser’s Style Guide: Rock Your Summer Wardrobe!

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The term ‘wife beater’ may seem confusing at first as its literal meaning quite indicates violence. However, it is not what you think it is. It is a male wardrobe, which men wear in summer to please their wives by featuring their masculine looks. In modern-day trends, it is one of those simple dressing styles you can adopt. 

We are calling Tank Tops “Wife Pleasers” now. In our modern world tank tops are considered fashionable and attractive.

The word ‘wife beater’ often goes by or is replaced by another term ‘wife pleaser’ which sounds more soothing to the ears and indicates less violence. But what are these summer outfits which highlight men’s masculine looks? Well, let’s see for ourselves. 

Why are they called wife-beaters? 

  • Before we point out some of the most preferable choices for this outfit. Let us discuss a bit about its infamous reputation. So, what happened is, in 1947 there was a criminal case against a Detroit man who was arrested for beating his wife to death and the media posted a picture of the man “wife beater” who was wearing a dusty undershirt. Since then, the public has made this a fashion trend. Little did the media know that this would have turned out like this. 
  • Yes, the story does sound quite weird and the history behind an outfit for summer, well, no one would have guessed that coming. Despite the outfit trend, the name does point out some toxic patriarchy. Luckily, since the name suggests an absurd violent perspective, in modern times, the former has been replaced by the term ‘wife pleaser’ which sounds healthier and more comfortable. 

It is peculiar to think that a mere outfit name could have this historical background. The ‘wife beater’ origin is quite absurd. 

Wife Pleaser: Summer outfits 

  • Needless to say, in the summer season, people especially men tend to wear something lighter and comfortable so, the Wife Pleasure outfits for men is the choice you are looking for. 
  • These sleeveless undershirts were portrayed by actors or fictional characters to represent men who suffer from depression, alcoholism, and violent behavior as it took its reference from the 1947 criminal incident. However, in modern times, this wardrobe symbolizes relaxation and confidence.  

Now, let’s name some of the summer wife-pleaser outfits to maximize your masculine looks:

  • Sleeveless underskirt with shorts

A sleeveless underskirt paired with some normal shorts or color choice could be the perfect combo for you to tolerate the heating environment of the summer season. As men mostly have to work outside, let it be their daily work or grocery running. The heat will badly irritate you at some point. To get some relaxation and comfort for your body, this choice is probably the best for you. Also, they are perfect to show your masculine features, let’s say you have masculine arms and wearing these sleeveless undershirts will give you the perfect opportunity to show your physique to the public as it certainly gets some attention. 

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  • Wife Pleaser Tank Top 

Although the wife pleaser tank top outfits may not seem like a choice for fashion. But don’t let the mere look deceive you! You have certainly heard of the fashion industry ‘Vogue’ which features models and sells merchandise of its brand and many fashionable clothes. Guess what? You will see many supermodels appearing in wife-pleaser tank tops. If you were thinking that it was just a mere wardrobe to wear in summer, think again. With perfect tank top choices, you can also look good in public. You can pair your ‘wife pleaser’ top tank with trousers or jeans of your favourite colour choice. 

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Wife Pleaser: Formal Transformation

  • You can transform your ‘wife pleaser’ tank tops even into a formal dress code. How? Well, wear a nice suit on top of that. In case, you will be attending somewhere on a formal or official occasion and you are not in the mood to put on all those heavy outfits, especially in summer, this combination is perfect for the choice you are looking for. It will be light, and comfortable and will give your body some relaxation. 
  • Yes, this seems like a weird pair to go with the public, so, let us give you an instance. You have probably heard of the Marvel character called ‘Captain America’ portrayed by the actor Chris Evans. As it happens in 2022, Evans and his stylist Ilaria Urbanati decided to take a different fashion approach. So, during the lead-up premiere of Disney’s Lightyear, Chris Evans wore that outfit. Under his suit, it was visible to other people that he was wearing his underskirt. Again, during the events for his other blockbuster, ‘Gray Man’, he went with this same dressing style, while his other co-stars Jean Page and Ryan Gosling were wearing the standard formal attire. 

Nonetheless, this unique pair is worth giving a shot at. So, try it out for yourself. 

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white tank top - wife pleasers

Coloured Wife Beaters

  • ‘Wife Beater’ or ‘Wife Pleaser’, whichever you prefer to call also comes in many colour choices. Choosing the perfect colour ‘wife pleaser’ is just like choosing a colour for your other outfit. But just like the other ones, physically, the suitable colours for your outfits primarily depend on your skin complexion. But of course, people often go by their preference. But let’s discuss the colour choices nonetheless. 
  • For darker skin complexions, you can choose neutral colours such as grey, ivory, and creamy or slightly heavy colours such as red or blue. The colour white can also be an ideal choice but you might want to avoid anything too bright. 
  • For a lighter skin complexion, you can go with the brighter ones if you like, also there are many color choices available. So, pick whatever looks good in your eyes. 

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  • Red Wife Beater

Another eye-catching colour preference is red, which is a colour of passion and heat. It can also be a good colour choice for your tank top. However, if you are planning to wear a red tank top under a suit, you would have to select the colour for the suit very carefully. Other than that, this colour looks good on both complexions. 

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Finding accessories to match your ‘wife pleaser’ outfits isn’t that hard. If you are confused about choosing accessories just wear the watch you have, digital or classic. Also, sneakers look very good when you are wearing a tank top. 

Final thoughts?

As already mentioned earlier, the origin of this outfit, the ‘wife beater’ is quite infamous, and certainly, no one would have guessed that it would turn out to be a fashion trend later. The good thing is that the name has been replaced with the name ‘wife pleaser’ because it carries a much more pleasing tone. 

Nonetheless, ‘wife pleasers’ are a good summer wardrobe as they are light and comfortable. Your body will certainly feel relaxed as it will receive more natural air in summer. So, what are you waiting for? Get your ‘wife pleaser’ outfit and go out in the streets without having to worry about sweating too much.

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