Leonardo DiCaprio's Style on a Budget

Budget-Friendly Celebrity Fashion: Recreate Leonardo DiCaprio’s Style on a Budget

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Leonardo DiCaprio is a phenomenal Hollywood actor born on the 11th of November, 1974. It is very unnatural to not hear this actor’s name, from movies like Titanic (1997), and Inception (2010) to movies like The Great Gatsby(2013) and Once Upon A Time in Hollywood(2019), the actor has made an everlasting impression among the audience. Although DiCaprio is mostly praised for his exceptional acting talent, this isn’t just all to his overall character.

As to say, Leonardo DiCaprio’s style is also admired by his fans. Whether he shows up for a red carpet event or a normal venture, Leonardo DiCaprio’s fashion choice always catches the eyes of not only his fans but also the bypasser. Since many men fancy these casual celebrity outfits. In this article we will tell you the affordable celebrity style for men, highlighting Leonardo DiCaprio. 

Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyle

Since we are discussing Leonardo DiCaprio’s fashion style, his haircut choices will give us a better head start as among dresses, watches, and fashion style-related things, a hairstyle is something that people can easily afford. So, here are some Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyle names that normal people can go by:


This particular hairstyle of Leo’s from the ’90s represented him as the 90’s heartthrob. It has become a classic look these days with straight hair. Also, this hairstyle is easy to maintain, varying the length of the hair. 

 Parted and Slicked

This hairstyle decided on DiCaprio’s upcoming movie role which we all know as ‘The Wolf of Wall Street” for its marvelous slicked-back look. According to Ramus, this hairstyle is easy with a comb and mud wax in wet as well as in dry hair. 

Taller on Top

This is such a common and timeless hairstyle for people who would want to avoid unnecessary attention. However, our renowned actor DiCaprio has some likings to it and that’s what makes this hairstyle somewhat special to fans. 

Sophisticated Short Cut

It is recommended for those with long hair on both sides to have their hair trimmed every third or second week to look adjusted in your casual times.

Leonardo DiCaprio Fashion

Apart from some of his affordable hairstyles, there are more things to look for to adopt Leonardo DiCaprio’s fashion sense which includes his watch, dresses, and other things that can help the fans to look like their desiring actor, also, to acquire the casual celebrity style sense. 

  • Talking about celebrity casual outfits as well as Leonardo DiCaprio’s casual style let’s highlight some shoes, he wears which are Leisure shoes from the French brand called Rivieras, you can get those from here: Rivieras Sultan 30 Slip-On https://amzn.to/43nA4U8 and Eco-friendly sneakers from All birds because he has some global warming concerns.

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  • Now let’s dive into Leonardo DiCaprio’s watch collection. It is really hard to come to the topic of classic celebrity style when it comes to watches these highly renowned people choose to wear. Of course, one of our favorite actors, Leonardo DiCaprio is no exception, the multiple prize holder, including a BAFTA, Golden Globe, and even an Oscar. There are many recommended watches from his collection which are affordable. Nonetheless, here are a few of the names: 

TAG Heuer Carrera Calibire 1887

The renowned movie actor DiCaprio wears this watch which is worth 5400 dollars, featuring a steel case with a matte silver dial with gold-tone Arabic numerals and a caliber 1887 movement. 

TAG Heuer Professional 1000 series

Yes, it is ‘the’ famous watch DiCaprio wore in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” while portraying the character, Jordan Belfort. This watch’s popularity dates back to the 1980s with a luxurious look. This watch has done a remarkable job of describing the millionaire Jordan Belfort’s sumptuous life in the movie. This watch is worth $40000.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Tiffany 5711/1A-018

The watch was first released in December 2021. However, Leo was spotted wearing this model in 2022. This particular model was created to enshrine Patek Philippe’s partnership with Tiffany & Co. But since its release, many celebrities have been spotted wearing this watch. For instance, we see another actor, Mads Mikkelsen wearing a different model from the same brand when he was portraying the character of Hannibal Lecter for the web series ‘Hannibal’. The watch’s retail price was $52000 but, in an auction, this model was sold for 6.5 million dollars over 120 times. 

Leonardo DiCaprio Outfits

As indicated earlier, men’s celebrity style is emulating their favorite actor or actress. Since we are now discussing Leonardo DiCaprio’s affordable dressing style. There are a lot of available options to go with. Indeed, this superstar in Hollywood even looks good in casual outfits, thus making a standpoint of celebrity style for men. 

1. The Classic White Tee wardrobe

Yes, you heard that right. This simple piece of cloth has its captivating features. It is versatile and comfortable. Also, since it is included in the casual wear celebrity style, you can almost wear it on most occasions. 

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2. Suede Jacket with simple Sneakers

This outfit was worn in the set of ‘Once Upon A Time in Hollywood’, popularizing the 70’s shades. Although this choice is nonetheless very aesthetic with ultra-hip sunglasses, paired with simple Sneakers, it also will suit almost any body type. 

Buy Jacket and Sneakers from here: https://amzn.to/49Wrjmv , https://amzn.to/3VeDerw

3. Red Carpet Appearance

Every celebrity must mind their appearance when showing up for the Red Carpet event. But our renowned actor DiCaprio doesn’t hesitate to shock us even when appearing for the Red Carpet in a normal aesthetic outfit. That outfit is none other than a tuxedo, paired with Oxford shoes. It is simple yet formal and classic. Also, it is something that every man should consider having.

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4. Elastic Chinos

This kind of celebrity casual fashion is not absent among the megastars in Hollywood. That also makes DiCaprio no exception in adopting this dressing style. On top of that, this dress code is also included in his casual wardrobe. Simple and very comfortable to wear, this outfit makes an impression on almost everyone. 

You can purchase the outfit from: https://amzn.to/3TATlOK


We all carry a desire to look like our favorite celebrities. It is also a part of the aesthetic trend. From what watches they are wearing to their outfits, dress code, and shoe brands. However, many people are not able to emulate 100% of the celebrities they fancy as budget is their primary concern. But there is no need to worry, there are many celebrities even having a net worth of over a hundred million, who still choose to wear casual outfits like most people do. So, there are many available in the market for you to explore and look like your favorite celebrity.

Leonardo DiCaprio is also a celebrity who often wears normal outfits despite his enormous net worth. Even in that casual wardrobe, the actor still looks fabulous and charming. So, there are many ways one can emulate his fashion style.

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