Take Care of Your Hair with Different Styles of Brushes

For every girl their hair is one of the most important things. We all love to take care of our hair. However, did you know that using the right kind of brush is also important for taking care of the hair. If you use the wrong kind of brush then it can happen that either you lose your hair or the shape of your hair will not be good. Plus, many times it happens that static electricity is also generated in some brush, so your hair can become very silky and it will fly in the air. Therefore, it is important to use the right kind of brushes after bath and before bath and apply the right kind of gel into your hair.

Some Best Brushes to Have –

So, here I am going to mention some of the important kinds of brushes that you should have for your hair and also for different hairstyling. Let us start with a brush for wet hair –

Thick Tooth Comb –

Thick toothcomb is one of the best types of brush that you can use for your hair when your hair is wet and you have washed your hair. One of the benefits of this brush or comb is that your hair is evenly combed through this comb or brush. If your hair is wet and you use thin toothcomb, then you will see that you will have maximum hair fall, because the hair gets stuck in the comb when it’s wet and this leads to hair fall. So, you should always use this type of brush after a bath and also blow-dry your hair.

Once your hair is dry completely then you can use other types of brushes and combs for styling your hair.

Thick toothcomb

Thin Tooth Comb –

If you want your hair should have some volume in it and should look good, then you should use a thin tooth comb. You can also use a brush which I will mention. However, using a thin tooth comb is very effective in making your look with volume and thickness. It may not suit some people who have oily hair. It is important that you use this comb when your hair is washed and clean.

One of the demerits of a vented brush is that a lot of hair gets stuck in the brush when you are brushing your hair. But if you like that brush then you can use that. A vented brush is good when you want to roll up your hair from the ends to give a style.

Hair Parting Comb

Detangling Brush and Paddle Brush
– These two brushes are good for hair that is long and smooth and silky. You should never use a detangling brush on wet hair or while shampooing. The only best comb while shampooing is the wide thick toothcomb. Paddle brush is one of the best brushes that can make the shape of your hair perfect or the way you like with volume, provided your hair is not sticky or oily.

Detangling Brush and Paddle Brush

Tiny Boar Bristle Brush – This is also one of the best types of brushes that you can use for the hair on the front and near the ears, to put in shape or to set the hair, with a gel. Also, while you are making a front puff this brush is useful in setting those small hairs on the forehead that sometimes tends to stand up in the middle of the puff.

Tiny Boar Bristle Brush

So, these are some of the important brushes that you should have in your makeup box or etc.