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The Sandman, A Successful Netflix Series Finds a Broader Audience

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After almost 30 years the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s most famous comic series ‘The Sandman’ has been created to make it on the screens of people through Netflix. The story which is evidently famous amongst many generations consists of Gods and Demons. The final issue of the world-famous comic series was published in 1996. It is not an easy task to find the right balance in adapting an already famous comic series. It takes great effort in making sure the old fan base remains satisfied while targeting the new and wider audience. It is a delicate and tricky job, to be honest.

Many times story adaptations of novels or comics have failed a great number of people, as they have read the story before and were not satisfied with the film adaptation of it. The success of the adaptation largely depends on how accurately the director remains to the actual material in the book. Even small plot twists can prove to be risky by changing the whole narrative of the story. But the case with ‘The Sandman’ series has proved to be a great success.

The first few episodes revolve mostly around the fantasy world. But the USP of this show is that it will hook you in the first episode itself. The story is so captivating that you will indulge in the world of fantasy the moment you start watching it. There was a noticeable change made by re-framing John Constantine as Johanna who has been played by Jenne Coleman. She has been considered the protagonist as she cleans up the damage caused by demons and amateur magicians. She carries a good conscience that has won the hearts of people while watching the show.

Johanna is a bisexual and narcissist who is a fearless demon slayer. There is a pang of strong guilt inside her when she discovers that her ex-lover Rachel is dying. Despite Morpheus’s attempt to give Rachel a painless death, Johanna still can not stop feeling guilty and sad.

There was another change made as Lucifer was played by Gwendoline Christie. In the comic book series, this character was a male figure with red skin, two horns on his head, and a pointed tail at the back. Lucifer even in the biblical interpretation has always been considered a male character. So to cast a female in the TV series adaptation was a big and noticeable change for the audience.

Lucifer has been thrown out of heaven because of her high pride in her beauty. Mankind was jealous. Christie’s portrayal of Lucifer shows the audience her angelic beauty of her. Her character is intimidating but as a woman, she also has soft and fierce features to her look.

Throughout the whole series, there is a lot of excitement and cliffhangers. At times you will like the time is running too fast and sometimes it will feel like the time is passing too slowly. You will notice leaping from different periods to cities to even different realms. But trust us; there will never be a dull moment while watching The Sandman. The cast of the tv series is phenomenally talented. They are all impressive actors.

The character of John Dee, played by Thewlis, has that cruel but naïve touch to his character. He is undoubtedly a great actor who has played his part impeccably well. The show may be a little too dark to watch for some people as it has quite a few scenes where the bodies are exploding, limbs are severed and demons coming out of the mouths of people.

Overall the show is really intriguing and captivating. It will keep you glued to the screens throughout. There are many chair jump scenes as well. With a few big changes being made to the adaptation the fans have taken it really well. And the long wait has proved to be fruitful for all Sandman’s fans worldwide. The audience is loving the TV series. Even for the people who have just come across this interesting story of The Sandman, it’s a treat to watch.

We hope this article was of help to you. You will enjoy every bit of this show. Happy watching!

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