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Men’s Smart Casual Clothing Ideas that Makes You Look Cool

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Choosing the right clothes to wear is most important, as this radiates our personality and good looks. Therefore, it is very important to look good and have some good clothes in your wardrobe. Most of the time people choose casual clothing. So, today in this guide you will discuss about some of the best casual wears, smart casual wear and business casual wears.

What is the best casual wear?

For every guy, any t-shirt, jeans, joggers, and cardigans are the casual clothes.

Men can dress better and look stylish in casual clothing with right tips. Mostly men follow the fashion trends of celebrity and often get disappointment or not able to get the desired look. Research shows that dressing good and feeling confident can boost the performance of person. Before we dive deep into what to wear for smart casual let’s explore what is smart casual attire for men.

What is smart casual attire for men?

The smart casual involves the business and formal wears with casual staples such as jeans, chinos, and t-shirts, polos paired with formal wears like blazer, jackets, button-downs, casual dress-pants and ties.

Men’s smart casual attire can be wear at different occasions or on a regular basis as an habit. Here are some occasions:

  • While going on a Date.
  • While going on a Night out.
  • While going a Dinner Party
  • And at the Office.

Fitting is a important part of men’s smart casual attire. Don’t wear clothes that are too baggy, wrinkly and doesn’t suit your body type. Always wear well fitted clothes that suits your body type.

Clothes that You Should Not Wear

Some clothes that you should not wear are grungy button-ups. No matter it gives out 90s style, again it looks ill-fit. Besides, it makes you look like you are a hanger, on which the clothes are hanging. Always wear clothes of your size. You should never wear an oversized shirt combo, it looks absolutely gross. And, it gives you a look like that of a pauper (beggar) in the street, unless it’s a Halloween thing. So, make sure that you do not make such wardrobe mistakes.

Track Suit or Shiny Pants

Also, you can choose to wear a tracksuit for some cozy looks, but make sure that you wear it in the early morning hours or evening time, and not before that. You can also choose to wear good leather pants or shiny pants, but make sure if it’s black color then you wear a golden shiny top with it. Besides, another good outfit that you can wear is a tee with jeans and a structured blazer, but that should not be oversized.

Casual Style Staples

Having best and high quality casual clothing elements are important to create a minimal and capsule wardrobe. This will make sure you have strong base to create attractive looks in less efforts. You will have different outfits to mix and match for any occasion.

Cotton T-shirts: Buy high quality cotton t-shirts and make sure the fabric is good enough that it will not get shrink after wash. You can buy the combos of cotton t-shirts from pastel to dark shades. This will help you to create many looks. White and Black cotton t-shirt is a must for every guy. These colors are so versatile and can be paired with any outfit.

However you can choose long sleeve t-shirts, short sleeve tees, polos, crew-neck tees and Henley. There’s a variety of t-shirts in the market from plain to printed. Graphic t-shirts are also in trend and liked by most of the people. Well on the other hand plain tees are also known for it’s sharp, classy and elegant looks. Plain t-shirts are the must haves and graphic or printed ones totally depends on your choice.

Casual Chino Pants: Chinos are the most wearable staple by every men. You can buy the light and darker shades to pair them with other wardrobe staples. Make sure they fit well and doesn’t look bad on you. Choose high quality fabric for the chinos.

Perfect Shoes: The options are endless for men’s shoes. You can wear leather loafers, white sneakers, and chelsea boots and many other. You have to pair according to your outfits. For example: If you are wearing dress pants, crewneck t-shirt and a formal blazer then it’s obvious you can not wear sneakers or shoes. You must wear leather loafers. And if you are wearing a jeans and t-shirt then you can go with the sneakers.

Accessories: Confidence is the key, dress to boost your confidence and accessorize to feel great about yourself. You can showoff your favorite watch, a leather belt with your chinos or dress pants. A simple chain necklace to incorporate some bling. You can elevate your casual clothes with appropriate accessories.

Some Casual Style tips for Men

  • Choose the right colors: You can look better and turn heads if you choose the right color combinations. Select right and wisely what color suits you best. Neutral colors makes men’s casual clothing more versatile. Go for neutral ones that are easy to mix and match with other staples. These colors will give you a classy look.
  • Wear Proper Fitting Clothes: Buy clothes that fits you well. Your clothes should not be too small or too big. Avoid baggy clothes and wide shirts that will make you look large than your size or hide your body.
  • Choose simple clothes: Buy simple clothes, it will stay long and improves your dressing sense. Simple clothes and basics don’t need to be boring. Every piece is a winner and give you a classy style. These can paired with many outfits easily.
  • Prior Quality over Quantity: Always buy and wear high quality clothes. Low quality clothes can ruin your outfit and may not last long to wear again. Don’t fall for cheap casual clothing that look trendy, stylish, easily available and cheaper. These type of brands don’t pay any attention to quality.
  • Recognize your style: If you are not sure about your fashion style think about it. Recognizing your fashion style will help you to select clothes what suits you best and look amazing. Use some creativity and find out your own style to stand out among crowd.
  • Choose your bottoms wisely: Get a high quality and classy pair of bottoms. Make sure these are well fitted and enhances your legs appearance. Wear a well fitting pant or trouser, and jeans to elevate you smart casual look.
  • Always buy high quality and well fitting shirts.
  • You can layer up for your smart casual look

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