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What to Wear to a Concert for Men?

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what to wear to a concert for men? Normally, whenever the word ‘concert’ is heard, people associate it with some sort of public performance, mostly linked with music. However, one can also represent a concert on a formal occasion such as a marriage or Opera concert rather than casually organized type. So, it is only essential for men to pick attire for themselves to be present at this harmonical gathering. They can choose to wear formal suits or something as normal as only jeans and a T-shirt. But one should not be ignorant to pick a rightful attire for himself especially when a piece of cloth can represent a man’s character and some depth into his character. 

In this article, we will check out what to wear at a concert for guys. We will be discussing the dress code preference for men to attend a concert as many people have a hard time deciding to pick the right dress for themselves. 

Men’s concert attire is based on their preferences. As someone who is not very comfortable wearing anything formal, he should rather choose to wear something casual yet neat. we can say smart casual outfit. However, it is important to note that if a concert is organized for a matrimonial ceremony, then formal attires are only preferable such as ‘Jackets’ and ‘Suits’. But if the concert is held for a college or university fest, one can just choose to wear just a normal ‘T-shirt’ and ‘trousers’. 

Aesthetic Preference: Formal and Informal

What to Wear to a Concert for Men?

What kind of attire a man should choose, not only depends on his preference but also depends on their age. As for someone older in their mid-40s, they cannot wear anything too casual even for attending a casual concert. 

  • Men should wear formal dresses such as ‘Jackets’, ‘Blazers’, ‘Boxers’, ‘Kurtas’ and ‘Sherwani’ with classical watches and Oxford shoes for concerts like the Opera or Marriage ceremony. It is not always necessary to wear anything in the Western dress code. One can always choose to remain in their native style. For example, in India, if someone fancies wearing anything formal but native, they can always choose to wear dresses like ‘Kurtas’ and ‘Sherwani’. Country concert outfits for men play a significant role as they reflect their passion for their motherland as a guy’s concert attire.
  • Just like the formal ones, there are casual concerts often organized by a college or a small number of musicians. And what to wear to a gig for men? Well, these gig concerts do not necessarily require a strict or formal dress code. So, men who like to attend these concerts can wear dresses like ‘Shorts’, ‘Hoodies’, ‘T-shirts’ and ‘jeans’ with sneakers or loafers. Watches aren’t that mandatory to wear for men attending such concerts. But it looks cool if you wear it. For example, if a man is confused about choosing an outfit to attend a rock concert, casual outfits like ‘black jeans’ and ‘shirts’ naturally come as the best options. Wearing anything formal for this type of show wouldn’t be relevant. They can also choose to carry a pair of sunglasses with them to match with their dressing style. 

Attire Innovations: Find the right choice

How to dress for a concert as a guy?

As mentioned earlier, a few men may encounter difficulties in choosing an outfit. However, some people just casually ignore to maintain a proper dress code and just wear anything available near their hand. Gentlemen must mind their dressing aesthetics as it primarily reveals their character and ethics. Men should not be negligent about their attire even going to a concert, let it be a small concert or an occasional one. 

  • Another problem with male concert outfit ideas that men can often face while choosing their concert outfits is which color would best suit them as well as the size. The ideal color of someone’s preference for an outfit depends on his aesthetic standards and skin tone. Concert attire for men especially when it comes to wearing something casual for attending a concert. Men have to pick the right color to match their liking. Someone with a lighter skin tone often looks good in cool-toned pieces such as emeralds with warm hues or jade green, and also in colors like burgundy, amethyst, navy, bright, grey, and royal blue. Now for someone with a dark skin tone, they often look better in creamy, white or neutrals, ‘as they offer a natural contrast to dark skin’, according to Patel who is an alumnus of Mr. Porter. Also, anyone with a dark skin tone preferably would look good in grey and navy. But the overall choice depends on the person’s accordance. They can try out different pairs to see which would appear the best. 
  • Apart from dress colours, men often struggle to choose the right size for themselves. Choosing the right size for formal attire is essential. Men cannot afford to wear anything too small or too big for their size at a party. It might tarnish their public image. And an oversized or a small suit would not even look good on the person either. So, men must know about the perfect dress size to wear when attending a concert. 

Old Men aesthetic: Don’t let your age stop you

It is important to remember that age plays a major factor in choosing a dress at a concert, especially for guys. A young guy compared to an older one will have different choices to choose an outfit for a concert. What to wear to a rock concert, men? Needless to say, most young men will attend rock concerts and similar ones. While the older men will choose to go to an opera concert or any formal one. So, concert attire for men will also be different. Normally older men stick to their usual choice of dress while younger ones try out various things. They don’t find any restrictions to follow a certain conventional pattern. 

What to wear to a concert in your 40s male? It should also be noted that older men in their 40s can’t wear anything too modern as the younger men would. Concert attire for guys when it comes to wearing those funky dresses. They wouldn’t suit them especially if they are attending a concert. So, there is an age drift between the attire and dressing style of younger men and older men, especially in their 40s. Men in their 40s normally stick to their conventional dressing style which is formal. Also because normally it matches with their maturity and personality. But often older men decide to try different things other than the formal ones. So, a pair of normal T-shirts and jeans would go fine with them. 

Also, older men would mostly attend formal concerts. They mostly don’t attend any rock concerts or any similar concerts. So, they just go with ‘Kurtas’ or ‘Tuxedo’ with a formal watch and shoes. Attires for men in their 40s are optional, unlike young men who have so many choices at their disposal. Because older men have to maintain a social standing for themselves even when attending a concert.

Final Thoughts

In the end, a person’s dressing style describes the man. Men’s concert outfit preferences should match up with the trend and be under his social standing. A man should know what attire he should choose for himself for the respective occasion. Do not let any irrelevant opinions alter your choices. You might take suggestions from friends or family members, but it will ultimately fall up to you to make the final call.

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